Origin of
The Brand
Mi and Fa are the third and fourth scales of the seven vocal scales, originally derived from the two lines "MIre gestorum, FAmuli tuorum" in the hymn Ut Queant Laxis, which means "may be blessed, thy miracle". The original dream of Mi and Fa was to create the ultimate outdoor listening experience for users with a religious devotion to music.
Spirit of The Geek
Geek is an American slang term, meaning to use technology, innovation and endless imagination to constantly push newer, better lifestyle and entertainment to the climax, to the pinnacle.
Challenge The Limit
A entertainment sport, with the help of modern high-tech means, to maximize our physical and mental potential, to our own challenges. It places more emphasis on participation, entertainment and bravery, and seeks the joy and satisfaction of overcoming psychological barriers.
Ultimate Pursuit
Adhering to "the sound of soul" sound concept, the MIFA brand is committed to forging golden triangle products based on music, sports and technology, which reflects modern people's reliance on the ability of technological innovation, challenging our own physical and mental potential, and the attitude of pursuing free and unrestrained life.
The sound of soul is the sound concept MIFA has been adhering to.
MIFA believes that music is the most beautiful language in the world.
With fresh vitality and the most perfect rhythm,
you can touch the listener's soul.
Therefore, every MIFA product strives to restore the purest sound quality,
Let the most intrinsic music find resonance deep within the listener’s soul..

MIFA is a global registered international music popular brand, we look towards the future, continue to innovate in the digital audio field, with Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth headset as the market opportunity to provide extraordinary listening experience for urban fashion people.
It integrates global wisdom and resources to form a comprehensive product and service provider from industrial design, acoustic technology, quality manufacturing and brand marketing.
It has delivered to more than 40 countries in the world amazing digital audio products to consumers of different cultures.
Based on the brand gene that is both fashionable and innovative, MIFA always insists on making every product well with the most pious attitude. While focusing on functionality, we strive to turn every product into an exquisite piece of art work at the same time.
MIFA has come up with the slogan "Just enjoy", urging young people to stick to their true selves and enjoy entertainment at their own beats.

Be a leader in smart audio
Focus on intelligent audio field,
dare to innovate.Brand first,
determined to become a popular
symbol of the industry,
let the most intrinsic music
find resonance deep within
the listener’s soul.

MIFA innovation research and development center is composed of nearly 100 industry experts in industrial design, electronic structure, acoustic engineering, software design, sound debugging and other systems. At present, it has won more than 100 industrial design awards, technology invention patent, software registration and copyright, utility model patent, appearance design patent and so on. On hardware facilities, we have invested in professional acoustic sound-free rooms, introduced and purchased a variety of cutting-edge electro-acoustic research and development equipment and design software, so as to ensure our leading position in area of science and technology within the industry.

Made in China. Brand production base is located in the city of the world's innovation of Shenzhen, China. Using Japan’s Toyota's lean production management model, the implementation of total quality management and zero defect target production methods, through UKAS accredited Sira International Certification Body was awarded ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management system certification and the BSCI, C – TPATS for fulfilling the social responsibility of the relevant certification. All products are accord with CE, FCC, ROHS international access specification, providing users worldwide a consistent user experience. At the same time, we are committed to the logistics software system innovation and upgrading, and professional cross-border logistics platform cooperation, to provide strategic partners with complete and better intelligent logistics solutions.

In the future, MIFA will gradually set up in each big innovation cities around the world multicultural collaborative research and development center of regional innovation, creating artificial intelligence + Internet of things (IOT)+ software and hardware integration + aggregation information of digital audio ecological industry chain, to provide more exciting and innovative new products, products with different solutions for global individual users and OEM / ODM enterprise-level partners, so that MIFA products which are full of urban fashion and technological innovation genes appear in every land full of passion.